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Our Team


Founder And Director


Rabiah is the co-founder of the Green Deen Tribe, which she founded as a response to the need to heal the wounds of separation and lack of access to nature by Muslim Women, which is all too often rooted in colonisation, racism, other socioeconomic factors and radicalised Islamophobia. 

She is also a qualified Medical Herbalist, Creative and Community Healer. She set up The Herbal Blessing clinic in 2015, a sliding scale community clinic with the intention of 'reconnecting' the community with their inner herbalist. Offering consultations, workshops, retreats and walks and holistic therapy that is rooted in traditional and spiritual plant-based healing. Her work involves the use of nature and local plant-based knowledge to nourish a feeling of home in communities where poverty, poor health access and gentrification has fractured the sense of belonging. 


Marketing and Communication

Sakinah is a community activist and performer of African Caribbean heritage. She has been performing with her group Pearls of Islam for over a decade providing traditional nasheeds and acoustic rhythms to audiences in the UK and around the world.


One of the first all female Muslim performers to establish themselves in the UK, Sakinah was able to be at the forefront of the Muslim Creative Scene in the UK contributing not only through performances but also through giving back to the community through two of her co-founded organisations;The Rabbani Project and Tumaadir drumming School.


More recently her creative work and passion has led her to delve into the media world as she produced and presented a variety of art and lifestyle related shows for the SKY channel British Muslim TV, the podcast Ummah Sonic and co-producer of the viral video series of Black and Muslim in Britain.



projectS and volunteer coordinator


Sarah attended the first Green Deen Tribe Retreat back in 2017 and has subsequently been involved in Green Deen initiatives, particularly the Ethical Iftar campaign. She has worked in community organising and facilitating sessions across schools, charities and corporates on social change and inclusion.


She has worked with young people across London supporting them with social action projects. She is a champion of Muslim women re- engagement and access to nature on a grassroots level. Sarah also enjoys growing her own food and Ikebana. 


Logistics And Governence

A’Ishah is an illustrator, a writer and a creative facilitator. She works as a Project Coordinator in various contexts that connect health, education, arts and social justice. She is a co-founder of Patchwork Archivists; an initiative that explores archives through intergenerational storytelling from a South Asian diasporic perspective.


She is also part of the Core Team at Healing Justice LDN who are creating capacity for transformation; connecting anti oppression and public health. With a background of working in campaigns, research and public policy, she is experienced in accessibility especially around deaf-blindness, Deaf culture & British Sign Language. Through the Green Deen Tribe she has grown an interest in herbalism and nature connection rooted in Islam.

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