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E T H I C A L  I F T A R 2024

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The Green Deen Tribe Ethical iftar began as a response to the increase of disposable plastics, food wastage and excess meat consumption during Ramadan. The campaign has grown and spread globally, offering the opportunity to collaborate with other Green organisations and learn and practice collectively. The Ethical iftar is rooted in our key principles encompassing the practice of prophetic eating and community.

We focus on three key principles throughout the month of Ramadan; food waste, the impact of single-use plastic and excess meat consumption. Our in-person iftars are a space to open fast, experience our principles and prophetic eating whilst learning about our relationship to the earth. We encourage everyone to eat from large plates, sharing and connecting over a healthy vegetarian three course meal. We ask all attendees to bring along their own plates and spoons and encourage everyone to bring tupperware to take away any leftovers or unfinished food.

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E T H I C A L  I F T A R 2021


If you missed out on any of sessions for our Sow the Seed series. You can catch up now on! Just click the button below.

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What is the Ethical Iftar challenge? 

The ethical iftar challenge is a Green Deen Tribe project which seeks to revive the sunnahs of healthy eating and ethical consumption. Ramadan can be a time of waste and excess, and we hope to change this through three core goals: reduced meat consumption, no single-use plastic and no food waste. We may be physically distant this year, but through sharing our principles and a template for how to host an Ethical Iftar to stay connected to you. 

How do I get involved?

The Ethical Iftar Challenge will take place on the 24th-25th April. On the day of your choice, we invite you to prepare your own meat-free meal, with no single-use plastic and food waste. Share your journey with us and the Green Deen Tribe community through photos, videos and even written reflections! 

The Green Deen tribe is here to support you through this journey! Sign up to our newsletter for more information

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