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Catch up: Sow the Seeds Series

Scraps and Green: Food Growing with Hafsa Hafeji


In this session Hafsa will guide us through the best seeds to plant in time to harvest for Ramadan, and ways to reduce our food waste by growing food from scraps’.

Nourishing the soil: Composting with Rudy van der Aar

Get compost ready with a step by step guide to starting your own compost at home, join us as we learn the basics of using our food waste and scraps to create nourishing compost

Live Vegan cook along with ‘Bruh u vegan’

Join ‘Bruh ru vegan’ for a live vegan cook along as we prepare to reduce our meat consumption in Ramadan. Get your ingredients ready as you are guided through cooking a delicious, wholesome and West African vegan meal.

Nature and Quran journaling with Sidrah Malik


We end the series with a reflective session introducing the art of creative journaling. Reusing recycled paper and materials to create beautiful pieces of reflections of the Quran.

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