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be like....

eco-friendly greeting cards


the moon

The moon's transformation over the month of Ramadan can be seen as a reflection of the individual and collective internal shifts that occur across this blessed month. In some ways we begin and end the same, as the traditions and rituals we perform are relatively consistent year to year. However, our attempts to put aside our ego and submit to divine command with renewed vigour can cause significant and beautiful shifts within. So, this Ramadan be like the moon, and transform, then return to yourself anew.

the bee

There is safety in collective action and thought. During the holy month of Ramadan, the Umma often feels closer than ever. The reassurance given to the individual that they are part of a larger community, all with the same intentions, provides great solace to the soul. Although not everyone has access to a literal community, the concept of a world of individuals united for a single cause radiates power, and comforts the alienated soul. In this way, the analogy of the Bee feels poignant. Our self importance is stripped away, and left in its place is our duty to the divine and all of His creations.


the tulip

In the abjad system of assigning numerical values to Arabic letters, the word Lale is equivalent to the number 66. The word Allah, and coincidentally the word Hilal (crescent moon), also have a numerical value of 66. This link is often used to strengthen the belief that the Tulip is a flower of spiritual significance. Although we have chosen the Arabic translation of 'Tulip', the significance of the flower's mythic history is thoroughly embedded within the Tulip.

Beyond this, the flower is admired most of all for its humbleness. In full bloom, the head of the flower bows graciously. This is often seen as a mark of respect towards its creator and an act of worship towards the divine. So, this Ramadan, be like the Tulip and piously recognise that our beauty in bloom is a gift from the Divine.

Cost: £5.00 per pack plus £1.20 for postage

* Each pack includes all three cards with envelopes. 
All proceeds will go towards Green Deen Tribe projects.

pre order 

If you order by 30th April, your cards will be dispatched by the 3rd May which means you will have lots of time to send out your cards to friends and family in time for Eid.

Available from 18th April

the story

be like....

The natural world constantly appears in the Quran and the Prophetic teachings.

Allah is continuously asking us to look and reflect on it for signs.

To learn and be emulate the balance, the service, the reverence and of course the Beauty of nature


Indeed there is no doubt that this beauty brings solace to the soul. This is the inspiration for our first series of ethical cards. We chose three images that we deemed important in the Islamic tradition, 

The Moon, The Tulip, and The Bee.


Almost unconsciously, the designs took on an Arab 'Pop Art' feel, partly due to the nature of Riso printing, and partly due to the influence of the artist's Middle Eastern background.  However, we feel at the core of each composition is an expression of appreciation and awe at the beauty contained within each and every one of Allah's creations. 


We made an effort to keep the production of the cards as  'green' as possible, wanting the process to honour and not destroy the natural world that had inspired us.

With this in mind all the cards are printed on 100% recycled and recyclable paper, all envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper waste, which is not bleached or dyed. Our clear bags are made from renewable corn/potato starch and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. The cards were printed using Riso printing, which is a energy efficient method and does not use heat, no harmful emissions and minimal waste. Even the ink used is actually Soy based !


We have been able to create something so beautiful, ethical and affordable, due to the incredible team of volunteers. Especially Aisha Stockton our designer and  project lead and Sofia and the team at Rabbit Road Press who supported us through the process and got them printed whilst safely navigating through COVID restrictions


We hope that you will love our first series as much as we loved creating them.

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