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These are five films that have been personally selceted and recommended for you to find out more on sustainbility and eco living.


Yacouba Sawadogo is a farmer from Burkina Faso who adopted the ancient farming methods of ‘Zai’ in a bid to cultivate the arid land of the area known as the Sahel.

His work has been internationally recognised as one of the most successful agricultural experiments using these ancient techniques, combined with his own ingenuity. It began with the simple agricultural methods of ‘Zai’, making small wells in the ground to allow for the accumulation of water which would encourage crop growth. He enlisted the help of termites, which are commonly known as pests to farmers, however he utilizes them to help make the soil more fertile. He then began introducing trees to the land.

It has resulted in an area of lifeless, hard packed land becoming a rich 30 acre forest, attracting and providing habitats for a multitude of wildlife which is extremely biodiverse in flora and fauna.

His story connects to the principles of Khidma (service) as his actions have helped surrounding farmers, of Fitra (Purpose) as he helped to give the arid land a new lease of life, and of Khalifa (Stewardship); he felt that the land could be revived and he had a responsibility to do so and he achieved it using sustainable and authentic agricultural methods.


Islands of Faith
In this beautiful documentary, we follow 7 communities from the islands of Indonesia, one of the most devout countries in the world and their work and efforts carried out in a bid to educate their own and to reduce the effects of climate change. The people followed in this documentary are from multiple religious backgrounds however they all stand for the same belief, that the Earth is God given and we have a responsibility to care for and preserve it. For most, their religion is inextricably linked to the actions they take as they feel a sense of stewardship, ‘control is at the hands of human beings, that’s why God has made us the superior beings’.

The communities we see in this documentary also have a big focus on the balance (mizan) between people and the Earth.They remember and revere God through their teachings and practices, helping to encourage city dwellers to connect with nature and teaching the importance of conversation and green practices wherever you may live.
It is a heartwarming reminder of how conservation and sustainability are universal and human struggles, felt by all people in all corners of the Earth.

Can be found on Netflix.

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